Phunne (RAW SYL) Stone

Quadruple Threat! Better not bring yo kids…

Raw Syl is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in vocals, keyboard, guitar and composition who currently resides somewhere in California. 

Born mid December (Sagittarius) into the first family of funk, the origins of Raw Syl is the stuff of legend. Both of her parents are founding members of the revolutionary band, Sly & The Family Stone, whose contributions to modern music and pop culture are undeniable. Her mother, Cynthia Robinson, is the trumpet player and integral part of the Family Stone from its conception to the present day. Her father is the elusive architect of funk, Mr. Sly Stone. 

Raw Syl who is known by many names including Phunne (Pronounced: Fun) has cultivated her own unique sound and style. Phunne has been seen performing live with Rufus, Sly Stone and Tevin Campbell as well as headlining appearances with Daughters of Funk and various solo performances around California. 

In addition to her live performance resume, Raw Syl can also be heard on her solo album, Goon~Brat City Vol. 1 Mixtape( and on the Sal Filipelli album This Day In Music History where she is featured on two tracks co-written by Sal Filipelli & Sly Stone titled "Role Model" and "Without A One" ( as well as one Filipelli composition titled "Action Jackson". 

Raw Syl is currently working on her next solo project (featuring special guests) which will be a blend of hip hop, funk, R&B, rap and soul; encompassing the many facets of her personality, including her warm, caring, intuitive, imaginative and independent nature with vocal stylings comparable to Alicia Keys and Sade. Raw Syl's music has beautiful melodies with a soulful sultry voice reminiscent of her funky lineage. 

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